Søren Spelling Lund

Ucommerce, founder

Søren has worked in the field of e-commerce for 20 years and is founder of Ucommerce, the first e-commerce platform for Umbraco. Since 2008, when the first version of Ucommerce launched for Umbraco, he has focused on bringing the best of content and commerce together as well as creating delightful experiences for developers working with the platform.<br/><br/>Ucommerce continues to be the forefront of awesome e-commerce for Umbraco with support for complex, omni channel e-commerce projects in both B2C and B2B due to its highly performant, customizable commerce engine and exception level of engagement and assistance for its partners.

Past sessions:

Ucommerce 9: E-commerce like never before!

Ucommerce 9: E-commerce like never before!

A new era of e-commerce on Umbraco was ushered in back in 2008 when...

Søren Spelling Lund Søren Spelling Lund