Marcin Zajkowski

CTO at Cogworks

Marcin Zajkowski's journey with Umbraco (.NET, Open Source) began back in 2008 while he was doing an internship in Microsoft. Today he works with the leading UK Umbraco Gold Partner - The Cogworks - as CTO. Marcin is also responsible for organizing Umbraco PL Festival as well as the Poland Umbraco Meetup group + recently, together with his colleague Callum Whyte, he is hosting umbraCoffee LIVE on YouTube, where they're chatting about what happened in the community / Umbraco in each following week.<br/><br/>Besides Umbraco, Marcin is also a co-owner and CTO/CKO in programming school for children - WOW School - where he is also teaching young minds how to code (Umbraco included! ;)).

Past sessions:

Modern Automated Performance Testing with Umbraco

Modern Automated Performance Testing with Umbraco

Most of us developers think about performance when it's already 'a little...

Marcin Zajkowski Marcin Zajkowski