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The future of web accessibility with Blazor and Microsoft cognitive Services


Web accessibility, tons of books are written about this topic. Tons of talks are given about this topic. Tons of influencers, speakers and thought leaders shared their vision about this topic. I never spoke about web accessibility. <br/>But then came Blazor. Blazor is Microsoft’s PWA application approach. And this is fun for me! I am not a JavaScript developer. I use C#, and switching language is difficult for me. But with Blazor I can do my frontend development in C#. <br/>Good news and opportunities never come alone. With Microsoft Cognitive Services you can use Text To Speech and that’s a good thing! Right now you can make web applications with the same Text To Speech possibilities I taught people more than 3 years in mobile applications.<br/>So, it’s time to tell you about the future of web accessibility!

Dennie Declercq

Microsoft MVP