DF20 | Live

Umbraco as a Platform


Umbraco has evolved quite a bit since version 4, adding lots of possibilities to use it for so much more than "just" a website for one of your clients. If done right, Umbraco can actually be an unmissable part in their daily jobs. <br/><br/>Because of this, to me, Umbraco is no longer just a CMS to manage your content. It's a platform, and I'm in complete control* of how I want to use it and what to use it for.<br/><br/>During this talk, I will share in-depth (technical) information on some of the more interesting Umbraco-based solutions we have created at Arlanet. <br/><br/>Subjects you can expect to be touched upon are: <br/>- Experiences with creating an Umbraco-based DAM solution and the hoops I had to jump through to get it working.<br/>- Why Document Types are great for more than just Content nodes.<br/>- Using the tools Umbraco provides you to build completely custom sections that have almost nothing to do with websites.<br/>- How digging through the Umbraco source on GitHub is actually fun, especially if you end up abusing what you've found.<br/><br/>* Well... Mostly.

Lennard Fonteijn

Umbraco Tech Lead @ Arlanet / Lecturer @ AUAS / Umbraco MVP